If a machine can do it, a machine should do it

What is it?

Gator is a code generation tool which helps accelerate application development.

Programming, since its beginning, is the result of trying to build something (a program) that allows to carry out a task with much less effort in the future. The Novayre team has always looked for writing only once a certain code, writing less amount of code and building more and better software in less time.

Linking this objective to the axiom “if a machine can do it, a machine should do it” Gator was born, and quickly evolved from a system of iterative transformation rules to the current system which helps the construction of software in many types of projects.

Which software can I generate with Gator?

Gator can generate any type of text file; it is not a system based on closed templates or inflexible models. It’s the opposite: a code generation system that is based on existing code, specific to a given project and can have the form and code you want. In other words, Gator, unlike model-based code generation systems (MDD), uses as input source code for each project (called blank).

This approach allows the generated code to be virtually identical to the input source code. Thanks to this, there is no rejection effect, no code that is not understood. What there is instead is a code that the project developers see as their own, which they understand perfectly and can modify easily.

In addition, a high degree of homogeneity is achieved throughout the project. The names of the files, classes, methods, variables, etc. can be inferred, they are the ones that the programmers would have chosen if they had always had the same degree of precision. There are no spelling errors, no errors in names, etc.

Productivity and speed in code generation

Improved application quality

The code generated by Gator is identical to the base code of the application or blank. Its similarity is so great that the team who developed the blank cannot distinguish the original code and the code generated with Gator. This avoids any type of rejection of this code and provides a great consistency in the application that facilitates subsequent maintenance. If an error is found or if a functional or technical improvement is required, it is only necessary to do it in the blank space, Gator propagates it to the rest of the code. Gator generates from the blank space of each application, so it always integrates perfectly into any project.

Risk reduction 

When time is essential (like in most projects), the productivity and speed of construction with Gator guarantees its correct execution. If the project is critical, the integration, accuracy and robustness of the code generated with Gator provides the ideal solution. Where requirements change during project execution, the Gator development approach facilitates the spread of these changes in requirements and functionality.

Reduction of time and costs

By automating a large percentage of the app construction, Gator makes it possible to drastically reduce execution time and save costs. This saving in time and costs allows us to handle smaller budgets than the usual ones.

Technology independent

Many times, the application must be built on a framework or libraries of specific components. The code generated with Gator, as based on a specific blank for each project, adapts perfectly to the required technical specifications. In addition, Gator generates source code without any dependence on Gator itself nor on Novayre, meaning that you can modify or maintain the system without our intervention.

A loyal partner for development teams

Can I generate 100% of the application?

Traditionally, code generation tools mistakenly assume that they are able to build a complete system’ software. We don’t live on theory, so we are very clear and honest: Gator doesn’t build 100% of your system. Now, with Gator you get more code of homogeneous quality, in less time and with fewer resources. The total percentage of the system can vary between 50% and 90%. You still will have to add programmers in order to complete the application, but with Gator you will need far less.

But… Will my programmers understand the generated code?

Yes, the code generated by Gator is not distinguishable from the base code of the application. Not only will they understand the code, but they will think it is written by them.

But… Can I modify the code generated by Gator?

Yes, Gator can re-generate code that has been modified manually and the changes made will be respected.

Request a demo

All the above seems like magic, too good to be true. That’s what we’d say if we hadn’t tried it on dozens of different customer projects and technologies. We can make a demonstration of the capabilities of the tool. Like any demonstration, it may not be adapted to your project or specific case, so we can also make a proof of concept to show the virtues of Gator. It’s your choice.