Proprietary solutions to address some of the main technological challenges of the current business environment.


Discover the power of collaborative RPA.

Jidoka is a Robotic Process Automation solution that facilitates automation of business processes on an enterprise scale, providing a complete platform for developing, implementing and orchestrating software robots. Jidoka empowers enterprises to accomplish automation initiatives integrating business and IT visions in a collaborative way, freeing people from “robotic” work so they can engage in higher value-added activities requiring critical thinking skills and creativity.

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The program that makes programs.

Gator is a code generator tool that allows to automate the development and maintenance of software applications. It gets to generate almost 80% of the code of many projects, reducing costs and delivery terms and improving the quality of the products. Gator has already helped to generate more than 20 millions of code lines for our clients’ software solutions.

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